Artist Feature: Hip Hop Artist X-PHAZE. The industry needs this guy

Just checked out this great artist hailing from the NJ area. He has a very unique, clean and well developed flow. Def. a breath of fresh air for the Hip-Hop Community his very clear delivery and hypnotic beats and production bring you to fall in love with his material almost immediately! Def. have to give this guy a listen to and check out his material. Check out the Bio and some of his music below and make sure you check out all his links and get familiar with the artist known as 
Bio: X-Phaze is a 17 year old hip-hop artist residing in Mendham, New Jersey. With over 200,000 YouTube views and opening performances for Rittz, Matisyahu, and King Los, he is definitely beginning to make a buzz. Meaning of Name: “X” resembles the unexpected and the anomalous. It is the unknown, the variable a person has to figure out, and the outcast of the in-crowd. It is the variable that seems as if it has no vitality. But when the true meaning is discovered, it is, in fact, extremely powerful, leaving a person oblivious of what to expect. “Phaze” signifies the phases encountered throughout life that fuse together with the inability to be fazed.
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